Holiday searches for Ibiza up 111% after TOWIE spin-off

Roshina Jowaheer
towie ibiza hotel increase
towie ibiza hotel increase

Searches for Ibiza holidays are up 111 per cent after this week's episode of The Only Way Is Essex, has reported.

ITVBe's The Only Way Is Ibiza saw the reality TV stars swap Essex for the sunny isle and featured various venues around party capital San Antonio.

Lizann Peppard of told the Daily Mail: "The Only Way Is Essex is clearly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing inspiration for our next holiday!

"The exploits of this popular bunch clearly make us want to look for our own sunny getaways as shown by these figures even after the closing parties have ended."

After the TV show was filmed in Marbella this summer, said searches for the Spanish holiday hotspot increased by 72 per cent overnight.

Meanwhile, hotel comparison website Trivago says searches for San Antonio increased by 47 per cent following this week's episode of TOWIE.

When searches made on Wednesday 8th October were compared to those made on the same day the previous week (Wednesday 1st October), travel interest to San Antonio increased by 47 per cent.

Travel interest to Ibiza as a whole increased by 19 per cent over the same period. Searches were for a hotel stay until the end of November (until the 23rd November for the comparison group).

Trivago's data was based on UK platform visits from 80 million global monthly users.

Denise Bartlett at Trivago said: "It is not uncommon for television programmes to spark an increase in travel interest, as the showcased destination is portrayed in a favourable light. Reality TV shows such as The Only Way is Essex typically focus on the best beaches, clubs, bars and restaurants, encouraging viewers to take this one step further and start searching for hotels online."

The TOWIE Cast Scrub Up For A Night On The Town Marbella Style
The TOWIE Cast Scrub Up For A Night On The Town Marbella Style

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