​Video: Young cyclist zooms into approaching car

Girl cycles into car
YouTube / Dash Cam Owners Australia

Cyclists and drivers have historically had a pretty frosty relationship, with both sides blaming each other for incidents. However, with the advent of dash cams – and helmet cams – both sides can determine exactly who was to blame after an event.
In this clip a young girl comes speeding around the corner in a caravan park as the car slowly approaches the junction. Without any time to stop the girl crashes into the bonnet of the car, though her sturdy-looking bike helmet keeps her out of serious trouble.

While the car driver has a pretty slow reaction time to the girl flying around the corner, we imagine that this footage will have saved them some grief from the girl's parents. And we'd hazard a guess that the next time the girl gets on her bike she might be a bit more cautious when it comes to negotiating junctions.

Take a look at the video below to see the incident as it happened. And maybe invest in a dash cam if you're concerned about litigious parents (with thanks to Car Throttle):

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