Are these the worst DIY bodges ever?

alarming door bell bodge

One website has collected together some of the oddest DIY bodges of all time. Pleated Jeans went on the hunt for the kinds of quick-fix solutions that can only ever be the result of a combination of ultra laziness, extreme thriftiness, and unbridled optimism.

The result is collection of DIY disasters that range from the individual who taped a disposable camera to her phone to the DIYer whose solution to keep the sink upright involved a stack of books and a kitchen chair. Here are some of the most alarming examples they found.

The 'smart' phone that is anything but smart

DIY smartphone

It turns out it's not just the thought that counts when it comes to celebrating a birthday: it's the use of actual birthday candles.

The cigarette/birthday candle

This looks like the kind of solution that was devised by the person who had just finished the contents of the bottle

Jack Daniels as a chair leg

We can only hope this was an emergency bodge while they ran to the shop to buy screws - rather than the kind of long term solution envisaged by the chronically lazy.

sink held up by stack of books

While this bodge has the advantage that the sellotape and bulldog club were probably handy - it also has the slight downside of rendering the sink useless.

tap mended with tape

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