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Free easyJet flight for reader caught in air traffic control strike


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Dear Fixer,

When my easyJet flight from Geneva to Seville was cancelled due to a French air traffic control strike, I was offered a flight to Madrid instead.

The easyJet staff at Geneva told me that it would be easy - and cheap - to get a train from Madrid to Seville. However, the Madrid flight, which was much later in the day, was delayed.

And that meant there were no more trains to Seville that night. I therefore had to pay for an apartment in Madrid, before taking the train - which cost more than €70 (£55) one way - the following day.

The total cost to me, including the night's accommodation I had already booked in Seville but was unable to use, was therefore more than €200.

The airline says that no compensation is available for these costs because air traffic control strikes are extraordinary events beyond its control and I accepted the transfer onto the Madrid flight. Can you help?

M Steff, London

Dear Miss Steff,

It is true that events such as air traffic control strikes are outside airlines' control.

But easyJet claims that its staff "worked hard throughout the strike to ensure as many passengers as possible continued their journey - offering advice on suitable alternative flights".

The airline would not usually offer compensation for onward travel costs incurred as a result of a flight transfer agreed by the customer.

Following my intervention, however, it has agreed to offer you a €50 flight voucher as "gesture of goodwill".

It has also promised to investigate the advice you were given at Geneva airport and recommends that you contact your travel insurer to claim back "further costs".

The Fixer

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