Lottery winner 'sued over unpaid bill'

Nigel Page (L) and partner Justine Layco

One of Britain's biggest jackpot winners is reportedly being sued for refusing to pay a £375 window cleaning bill.

Nigel Page (pictured), who bagged a £56 million jackpot in 2010, is claiming that the cleaners "invaded his privacy" and is therefore unwilling to settle up, according to an exclusive in The Sun.

Steve Rix, of Bourton Vale Window Cleaning Services, was brought in to clean Page's mansion and later handed over a bill for three hours work to the lottery winner's estate manager Danny Baker.

However, Baker later informed Rix that Page had been angered by one of Rix's staff taking a photo of his McLaren.

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'A petty reason'

"I apologised and made sure he deleted the photo, but he said they would not pay," Rix told The Sun.

"To come up with such a petty reason is ridiculous. That money is nothing to him but to me it's half a month's wages.

"I couldn't believe it. No one had said 'no photos' - but it doesn't make any difference to the work I did which I should be paid for."

Rix has since lodged a county court claim in an effort to get the outstanding bill settled. Page was unavailable for comment.

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Ex-wife also made legal threat

It is not the first time page has faced a legal threat since becoming the 8th biggest British lottery winner of all time in February 2010.

After deciding to go public, his ex-wife Wendy heard about the win, and subsequently put in a claim for a share of his money.

They had divorced 10 years earlier, but they never made a full and final settlement, so she claimed she had the right to a share in the win.

It was reported that he paid her at least £2 million in an out of court settlement.

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