Two kangaroos have ferocious fight in residential street (video)

Two kangaroos fight in residential street in Australia (video)

Two kangaroos have engaged in a ferocious fight - in the middle of a residential street in Australia.

According to the Daily Mail, the "epic brawl" took place on a suburban street on the Central Coast in NSW.

The fight lasts several minutes with both 'roos using their strong tails to lean on while they deliver severe kicks to each other.

There's also punching and wrestling involved in the match, although it's not entirely clear who emerges victorious.

Buzzfeed reports that the video's soundtrack features Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, famously used in Apocalypse Now.

The video has been watched nearly 20,000 times, but what most people want to know is who was the victor.

One user wrote: "BUT!? Who won?! ", to which another replied: "YES! WHO WON? The people want to know! "

No wonder they are nicknamed 'boxing kangaroos'. The boxing kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia and is frequently seen in popular culture.

A flag with a green background featuring a kangaroo wearing red boxing gloves is often displayed prominently by Australian spectators at sporting events, such as at cricket, tennis, basketball and football matches, and at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

The flag is also highly associated with its namesake national rugby league team - the Kangaroos.

According to Wikipedia, the idea of a boxing kangaroo originates from the animal's defensive behaviour, in which it will use its smaller forelegs (its "arms") to hold an attacker in place while using the claws on its larger hind legs to try to kick, slash or disembowel them.

This stance gives the impression that the kangaroo appears to be "boxing" with its attacker.

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Two kangaroos have ferocious fight in residential street (video)

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