Britain's busiest speed camera revealed

Speeding survey
Danny Lawson/PA WIRE

A fixed speed camera in Cardiff has been identified as Britain's busiest – catching an average of 71 speeding drivers every day.
The camera, which is situated inn a 30mph zone on the city's Newport Road, is currently recording around three times as many speeding offences as a camera on the M60 in Greater Manchester – formerly Britain's busiest camera – which catches an average of 26 motorists breaking the speed limit each day.

It is estimated that the camera has raked in £800,000 in fines in just six months, making it the most lucrative speed trap on British roads.

Its dubious honour has been highlighted by research conducted by car insurance provider LV. Unsurprisingly the news hasn't gone down well with local motorists.

"It is ridiculous - I've been driving on that road every day for years without any problem whatsoever until this camera was put up," Karen Leyshon told the Daily Mail.

"It is nothing but a cash cow. It's outrageous; the camera does nothing to improve safety on this road. It may be a busy stretch but it's perfectly safe.

"I didn't notice the camera going up, I got caught doing 34mph and I had to pay £85 for a speed awareness course.

"It was a complete waste of my time and money - I'm sure that most of the other 13,000 people would tell you exactly the same thing."

However, the GoSafe partnership, which operates and maintains the Cardiff speed camera, defended its use, saying 99.5 per cent of the 16,000 drivers passing it each day observed the speed limit, the BBC reports.

It said: "Motorists should comply with the relevant speed limit, which is there for a reason.

"The revenue from speeding fines is returned back to the government and not the partnership.

"There is a simple message - cameras are in place to save lives not to make money."

The Cardiff camera was installed in 2012, though it only went into full operation earlier this year.

Since then, it has seen 13,624 drivers prosecuted for speeding, and a further 146 issued penalty notices for jumping red traffic lights.
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