Man tries to zorb to Bermuda, is rescued by coast guard

Roshina Jowaheer
Floating Man Rescued trying to zorb to bermuda
Floating Man Rescued trying to zorb to bermuda

An Iranian peace activist had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard after attempting to float from Florida to Bermuda in a self-built inflatable bubble.

Reza Baluchi was reportedly picked up about 70 nautical miles east of St Augustine on Saturday morning after suffering from fatigue and disorientation.

According to Sky News, he was warned of the dangers before making the trip but refused to give up.

He was taken to a nearby coast guard station after being rescued and was described as safe and well.

The Independent reports that Baluchi alerted emergency services for help and was found disorientated and asked rescuers how to get to Bermuda.

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Raw: Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble Suit
Raw: Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble Suit

On his website, Baluchi said he planned the trip to raise money "for children in need" and "to inspire those that have lost hope for a better future".

He made the inflatable Hydro-pod from 3mm-thick plastic which he propelled forward by running inside it like a hamster on a wheel. Inflated footballs were placed inside the metal frame.

Reza planned to run in the bubble in the mornings, cool off in the sea while leashed to the Hydro-pod and sleep in a hammock inside it at night.

The US Coast Guard found protein bars in his bubble. He had also planned to catch and eat fish.

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