Suicidal motorist destroys listed building

listed building

A motorist who sought to kill himself by crashing his car, caused £80,00 worth of damage to a listed building in Warwickshire.
Alcester local Grant Bond crashed his Ford Fiesta into the South Lodge Old Toll House in Weethley, after taking a cocktail of alcohol and sleeping pills.

Despite careering into the house at around 80mph, Bond survived the crash, though suffered serious injuries, including a fractured pelvis.

A woman in her 50's, believed to the daughter of the property's elderly owner, was in the building at the time, and was later treated for whiplash injuries.

Warwick Crown Court heard how 23-year-old Bond believed the house he targeted was an unoccupied corner shop or wall.

In the hours leading up to the incident, he had called police and told them he felt suicidal, though said he did not want to be arrested.

Bond admitted dangerous driving and causing damage being reckless as to whether life was endangered. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

Passing sentence, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones sympathised with Bond's personal problems, though highlighted the recklessness of his actions.

"By August last year it is obvious that you had become desperate and determined to kill yourself, which is an awful position for anyone to be in," he said, reports the Birmingham Mail.

"I don't want you to think that when I describe your behaviour as wicked I am ignoring the degree of desperation you had reached, nor is it a case where you were so clear-thinking that you identified someone's house and decided you were going to drive into it, not caring about who may also lose their life.

"Without really giving proper consideration to what it was you were driving at, you drove straight at that lodge.

"It was a wicked thing to do. In the terrible circumstances of intending to take your own life, the way you did it was to risk the lives of others."

Bond was also banned from driving for two years, and will have to sit an extended driving test before getting his licence back.
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