Spider bite leaves Dublin dad in intensive care

Sinead Moore
common false widow  steatoda...
common false widow steatoda...

A 28-year-old Irish man spent 24 hours in intensive care after he was bitten three times in ten minutes by a venomous spider.

Eugene Murphy had to be injected twice with adrenalin after going into cardiac arrest.

The Dublin Man told the Independent how he was sitting on his parents' couch with his four year-old son Eoin when he felt a pain that was "ten times worse than a bone break".

Eugene said: "I never felt pain like it.

"I tore off my shirt and could see the spider's fangs embedded in my shoulder and its body was jumping up and down.. it was properly getting stuck in.

"Then suddenly my shoulder locked up and the pain spread to my entire right hand side of my body.

"I felt like I was on fire and then I just dropped to the ground unconcious."

Eugene's father immediately called emergency services when his son collapsed on the floor.

Eugene, who runs an engineering company believes he carried the false widow spider from work.

"I'd usually be the one slagging people off for being afraid of spiders," he said.

"I brought it home from work, I'd say. I think it came from the van. We do a lot of work around the water meters and utilities, and those places carry a lot of spiders."

According to the Irish Mirror, Eugene was told by doctors he would died if there wasn't somebody with him when it happened.

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