Naked woman in truck that crashed into school bus

Naked woman in truck that crashed into school bus

A naked woman was riding in a log truck that crashed into a school bus in Florida injuring 10.

The bus was carrying 15 elementary schoolchildren home when the incident occurred. None of the children received life-threatening injuries, but the driver of the tractor-trailer and the woman are in a critical condition.

According to the Daily Mail, Florida Highway Patrol Sgt Dylan Bryan said it is unclear why the woman was not wearing any clothes when the truck hit the bus on Monday afternoon.

The Huffington Post reports that Bryan said the truck had a sleeper compartment and it's not known if the nude woman was in the cab or in the sleeper when the accident occurred.

It is thought she was thrown from the vehicle. Bryan told "I just remember grabbing something and throwing it over her... There were kids and parents."

The school bus driver Jennifer Swanson emerged as something of a hero as she saw the truck coming towards and braked to soften the blow.

Bryan added: "She was amazing throughout this entire incident. If I had to pick one person, she would be the hero."

The log truck pushed the school bus forward around the length of a football field and it skidded about 40 yards off the road into a grassy area.

The truck jackknifed in a ditch and the impact dislodged the motor.

The children have been offered counselling following the incident.

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