Jet engine blast smashes car boot during take-off (video)

Jet engine blast shatters car boot (video)
Jet engine blast shatters car boot (video)

A family got so excited about being able to park close to a plane taking off they forgot to close their car boot - and the powerful blast of jet exhaust saw the entire thing fold onto the roof of the car.

The airport on the island of Skiathos in Greece has a runway that is unusually short and close to the car park.

Thrillseekers often stand in the car park and cling to fences in order to feel the jet engine blast as planes take off just metres away, reports 9news.

But one group of holidaymakers forgot to close all their doors, including their car boot - and almost lost it in the process.

It buckled in on itself and folded onto the car roof as a Monarch Airlines plane took off.

The runway is so small that pilots have to undergo additional training before landing there.

Skiathos airport is sometimes likened to that of the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of St Martin.

Back in 2012, a woman was caught on camera being thrown head first into a wall after deliberately standing in the jet wash of a plane taking off there.

Maho Beach on the island is so close to the airport, it is very popular with plane spotters, and thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline fix.

According to the Daily Mail, the short runway at 2,180 metres means that planes have to land as close as possible to the beginning of the track.

The beach is so popular with plane spotters, that many local bars and restaurants have daily departure and arrival boards.

But many beachgoers ignore the signs warning of the danger of standing in the jet wash, and this woman found out the hard way.

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