British man raped at Oktoberfest

Roshina Jowaheer
Oktoberfest 2014: british man raped while urinating
Oktoberfest 2014: british man raped while urinating

A British tourist was raped in Munich while on holiday during the Oktoberfest beer festival.

German police said the 24-year-old man, from Leeds, was urinating in a bush on Saturday night at around 9.30pm when he was approached by a man who "made it clear that he wanted to have sex with him".

The Independent reports that the man refused and dragged to the ground, where he was held down by a second man as he was raped.

After the men escaped and Bavaria Police are now appealing for witnessed to help find them.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the incident took place at Theresienwiese, a large open space with dark areas around the edges.

There are 1,500 toilets and a kilometre of urinals at the world-famous festival but this number has proved a problem in the past and queues often become so long that visitors relieve themselves in bushes around the Theresienwiese fields.

Despite several violent attacks at Oktoberfest, police say crime this year is low compared to other years.

In 2013, the horrifying moment an Alaskan woman bit off an Australian man's lip during an argument at Oktoberfest was caught on camera.

The woman and man, both in traditional dress, were seen getting into an argument at the beer festival, as the man apparently antagonised her before she threw a few punches.

They appeared to push each other around before she lunged at the man and clamped down on his bottom lip.

Friends of the man tried unsuccessfully to get the woman away from him and she eventually ripped a part of his lip off before spitting it on the floor.

She was later arrested while the man had to have emergency surgery to have his lip reattached.

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