Adventurers have rare close encounter with whale and baby calf (video)

Sinead Moore
adventurers go swimming with humpback whales
adventurers go swimming with humpback whales

Two lucky Australian adventurers had a close encounter with a humpback whale and its calf off South Stradbroke island.

Brad Nicholls and Emmy-Rose Curtis went overboard to film a turtle but instead captured incredible images of something much bigger, reports Yahoo news.

The mother and her calf slowly approached the swimmers diving deep out of sight and then rising slowly next to their new friends.

The rare close encounter lasted for about an hour. This gave the swimmers the opportunity to snap a few selfies with the incredible creatures.

Brad said: "Having it that close I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass by having them all around us, like they were mate, you're never going to do that again."

Humpback whale encounter
Humpback whale encounter

According to Kxan, the swimmers even communicated with the whales by slapping the water with their arm. And surprisingly, the whales responded - in much the same way.

"That's how they talk. I mean, you can't talk to them by communication they can't use so we figured we may as well use our ... fins," Emmy-Rose said.

People have been killed swimming with humpback whales before but the couple said they never felt threatened by the playful creatures.

"We kept getting out of the water and they would come up to the boat ... as if to say 'Where'd you go? What are you doing? Come back and play'," Curtis said.

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Close Encounter with Humpback Whale
Close Encounter with Humpback Whale