'Leprechaun' refuses woman seat on bus over bag (video)

Ruth Doherty
'Leprechaun' refuses to move bag to give woman seat on bus
'Leprechaun' refuses to move bag to give woman seat on bus

A man who refused to let a bus commuter sit down because his bag was on the seat has received a public shaming.

Commuter Brenda Davie was refused a seat by the man, described online as a 'leprechaun', who was dressed in a bright green shirt with a beard and a bowler hat.

The incident occurred in Toronto, and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) are now investigating.

According to the Metro, Brenda posted an account of the incident on Facebook, which read: "I ask this COLOSSAL DOUCHEBAG very nicely if he can please (and yes, I did say PLEASE because I'm always polite) move his bag off the seat beside him so I can sit down.

"He says 'No, my bag is there'. I say 'Yes, I can see that, but the bus is packed and your bag doesn't need a seat of its own'.

"He laughs. I say 'Really dude, can you just move it? I have a headache, I'm tired and I've had an awful day at work so I'd really like to sit down'.

"He says 'Get the f*** away from me airhead, the seat is occupied' and STOMPS down on my foot (hard enough to leave an instant bruise) and then pushes me backwards into a pile of people."

Fellow passenger Juan Hodem confirmed Ms Davie's account to the National Post.

He said he began filming the incident after witnessing the man shove Ms Davie and stomp on her foot.

According to The Star, his footage shows the man keep his eyes focused on his phone, and records an exchange that sees Ms Davie say: "You're the one that won't let people sit down because of your f-king bag." She then adds: "You just put a foot mark on my f-ing shoe."

The man sticks his middle finger up at her and replies: "Leave me alone I don't talk to airheads. Pay attention. You get nothing; pay attention."

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said he had spoken to Davie and apologised on behalf on the TTC, which is investigating.

Ross said: "Our objective it to ensure all our customers and passengers on the bus, and our employees for that matter, are safe and secure at all time.

"Also we would remind people that seats are for people and bags do not belong on seats.

"Bags don't pay for fares. People do."

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