​Bugatti Veyron Super Sport made out of teak

Wooden Bugatti Veyron replica
Getty Images

Wood is good for many things: trees, furniture, boats, fence posts... What it's not so good for however, is making an entire car (though I'm sure Morgan would beg to differ). That hasn't stopped a group of ever-so-slightly barmy Indonesians from creating their own Bugatti Veyron Super Sport though – out of wood. Chances are, it's slightly cheaper than the real thing's £2 million price tag too.
This life-size creation has been sculpted from teak and is actually pretty convincing – in the world of making wooden replicas of things anyway. Yes it may miss out on the real car's immensely powerful 1,200bhp engine and top speed limited to 258mph, but any car fan will instantly recognise the shape of the world's fastest car in the woodwork.

Workers in Boyolali, central Java, Indonesia have toiled away for a month to make this stunning teak creation. Take a look at the attention to detail and you can see the painstaking effort that has gone into perfecting this machine. Details include a sculpted front grille, wooden 'alloy' wheels and even a teak interior, complete with wooden steering wheel.

No details of price have been released, but we'd imagine that those people who had missed the Veyron boat may be able to get some change from the £2 million needed to put a Veyron Super Sport on their drive.

In the meantime, take a look as the real Veyron Super Sport hit 246mph on a closed Californian road and find out more about the upcoming Veyron replacement.
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