Student skydiver nearly plunges to his death when lesson goes wrong (video)

Roshina Jowaheer
Student Skydiver Experiences Scary Moment
Student Skydiver Experiences Scary Moment

The moment a student skydiver almost fell to his death during a lesson was caught on camera and has gone viral on the internet.

Inexperienced skydiver Eugene S is seen jumping out of a plane and quickly spins out of control as his instructors struggle to reach him.

A few seconds later, one of the instructors manages to grab hold of him and release his parachute.

All three landed safely.

Last year, the terrifying moment a skydiver's parachute opened too early leaving him inches away from a deathly tangle with a helicopter blade was caught on camera.

The dramatic footage showed how thrill-seeker James Dobb, 22, was preparing to exit the helicopter when his parachute got tangled in it.

James then desperately cuts away at his main parachute before jumping to the ground with only his reserve chute available.

But the drama wasn't over as others on board were left trying to haul the loose shoot in from inside the helicopter before it got sucked into the rotor blades.

After several frantic minutes, the chute was eventually pulled inside the helicopter, which was landed safely on the ground.

James, from Wales, revealed the equipment he used was rented and therefore he was unaware who packed it incorrectly.

His quick-thinking and bravery has earned him praise throughout the skydiving community.

He told Caters News: "Watching the video back, I'm so thankful for the crew and their quick reactions and handling of the situation."

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