Video: The drive-by pizza theft

Domino's Pizza stock
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Fans of Tarantino classic 'Pulp Fiction' will know there's one golden rule: don't mess with a man's vehicle. What our Quentin failed to highlight, however, was the fact that there is another, very nearly more important rule: don't get between a man and his dinner.
Unfortunately, some of us are not brought up with this sense of fair play, as this video, shot by a bunch of thieving morons, so disappointingly proves.

Cruising the streets in their souped-up Vauxhall Nova – an educated guess based on the usual Neanderthal driver stereotype – this group of cretins spy a poor fellow at a bus stop, and decide to make his life even more miserable by snatching a freshly purchased pizza out of his hands.

Laughing like pre-pubescent hyenas as they make their getaway, the oiks seem rather happy with themselves, having denied someone their dinner. Here's hoping they choked on it.

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