Pizza delivery driver has accident: so police deliver the pizza

police deliver pizza

A Pizza Hut delivery driver in Portland, Oregon, was involved in a crash, which hurt his neck and back. Two of the police officers at the scene decided that rather than let the pizza go to waste, they might as well get it to its rightful owner.

According to CBS News the customers had phoned to complain when their original pizza was delayed, so the restaurant manager made another and personally delivered it to them.

ABC123 reported that they were settling down to eat it, when there was another knock at the door. They were somewhat concerned when officers Michael Filbert and Royce Curtiss showed up on their doorstep, and were stunned when they learned that they had branched out into pizza delivery.

The customer said he took a photograph of the officers, because he was convinced no-one would believe his story. The police force posted it on Twitter, and it has gone viral.

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Police Officers Complete Pizza Delivery After Driver Crashes

Police virals

This isn't the first time photos of the police in unusual circumstances have gone viral. At the beginning of this month a police officer in Indianapolis stopped his car to speak to a homeless man by the side of the road.

The man said he thought he was going to be moved on, but in fact the officer was stopping to give him a new pair of boots. The moment was caught on camera by NBA star Roy Hibbert and it went viral.

Police officer hands homeless man new boots

In March a photo of a police officer comforting a baby in Georgia went viral. Officers had just arrested the parents for suspected shoplifting, leaving another officer to change the baby's nappy and calm it down before returning the baby to its parents.

Officer comforting baby

In 2012 a photo of a police officer stopping Batman in Maryland went viral. The officer saw a black Lamborghini with Batman symbol licence plates, and stopped him for a licence violation. The man stepped out in costume - and it turned out he was on his way to visit a children's hospital.

Police officers stop Batman

But one of the most bizarre examples was back in June, when The Stockton Police Department in California published a set of mug shots of people who had been arrested for gang-related offences. In among the shots was one of a man called Jeremy Meeks, who happens to be attractive. The photo went viral, and a page devoted to his mugshot on Facebook has attracted 229,611 likes.

Jeremy Meeks

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