Want to impress the ladies? Ditch the sports car


It's a well-worn cliché that you need a flash car to attract members of the opposite sex. Now, car hire company Europcar has attempted to nail down exactly what would improve a man's chances most, by asking women about the driving traits of their perfect man.
The type of car you drive is seemingly a major factor, with over one in five survey respondents saying their perfect man would drive a convertible, with the same number preferring to be taken about in a luxury saloon or 4x4. Drive an estate car and you're likely to appeal to only three per cent of women – we're betting they're dog owners.

However, regional variances also played a part, with convertibles proving less popular in the traditionally colder climes of the north of England than in the south. Those in densely populated areas were also less likely to favour a man driving a 4x4, where it is more likely to be seen as a brash status symbol, compared to more sparsely populated rural areas, where they can often be a necessity.

In terms of brands, Audi was most popular amongst the ladies, taking 18 per cent of the vote. Following closely behind was BMW with 12 per cent. Surprisingly, sports car brands were likely to turn women off, with Porsche being named by just three per cent of participants and Ferrari two – exactly the same ranking as Volvo.

And, if that wasn't enough, ladies felt that the chaps should be able to fulfill traditional gender roles, with 66 per cent saying that their perfect man needs to be able to change a tyre, and 44 per cent feeling that he should be filling up for them at the pumps.

Those blokes looking to impress their lady with a road-trip away could do worse than visit the Almafi Coast in Italy or the Scottish Highlands, which were highlighted as the most popular car journey desintations.

"We thought it would be fun to find out what women are looking for in the perfect man", explained Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group.

"And it appears that today's women want the perfect balance between James Bond's jet-set style and sophistication, combined with practicality and sensitivity.

"But whether he plays sport or plays an instrument, most women agree he should be in a convertible – a car that's says luxury without being flashy."
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