Is the Suitsy the answer to your workplace wardrobe woes?

The suitsy

Putting a suit on for work in the morning is so tiresome. First you have to find the suit and shirt that go together, then you have to go to all the bother of putting on three separate items of clothing - not to mention the arduous business of tucking the shirt in, and the hell of buttons. Fortunately this sartorial stress is finally over - because the fashion boffins have come up with a perfect solution: a Suitsy.

This wardrobe wonder appears to the naked eye to be a normal suit and shirt. However, in reality the shirt is just a false front, sewn to the trousers. The jacket is attached to the shirt front, and there are strips of material poking out of the sleeves to look like shirt cuffs. The ingenious suitsy is also fitted with a hidden zip, which enables you to pull the whole thing on and then zip it up - without the need for those pointless fiddly buttons.

Finally... right?

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Its inventor, Jesse Herzog, has already shown signs of genius in previous projects. His previous business brainwaves have included San Francisco hot dog stand that teamed up with scientists to launch a hot dog into space. It's a relief to hear that such important work is still being done in space exploration.

In unveiling his invention in the Betabrand Think Tank he said: "It's as if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild." Adding: "let's change the world, one better-looking, more leisurely gentleman at a time!"

Visitors to the Think Tank are invited to vote on it. If it gets enough votes the site will make a prototype, and will then try to crowdfund to make it happen.

We can only hope the suitsy beats other contenders in the Think Tank, including the Après Shawl (a post-workout jacket that is designed to absorb sweat); the shacket (a waterproof shirt); or the dog lover's jacket (which comes complete with a poo bag dispenser, a lined treats pocket so you don't attract all the animals in the neighbourhood, and brackets on the waist strap, so you can attach the dog in cold weather instead of needing to use a lead).

But what do you think? Can you wait to try it?

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