Video: Road rage of the pachyderms


As keen students of the Highway Code will tell you, animals on the road should be given as much room as possible, and drivers should pass in a manner that minimises the risk of scaring the horse/cow/cyclist that you're trying to get around.
This is indeed sage advice, and one that the motorcyclist in the video below could have done with hearing before he set on his journey.

Travelling at speed along a country lane in an unidentified country, the man is initially having a blast: leaning into corners and making rapid progress, all charted by the sophisticated GPS interface on his helmet camera.

However, rounding a corner, the biker suddenly finds himself staring at the back end of a family of elephants and, sensibly, brings his bike to a crawl.

Unfortunately, the elephants have already been spooked by the sound of the engine, and turn around to give chase. Cue one seriously panicked biker and what might possibly be the quickest U-turn in history.

Click play to watch below, and remember the video the next time you're tempted to blast past a bunch of horse riders on a Sunday drive in the country.

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