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Jess Bown

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Dear Fixer,
When I booked a week in the Canary Islands earlier this year, I also booked a night in a hotel near Birmingham airport so that my wife and I would not have to get up in the middle of the night to make our early morning flight.

During our stay there, our suitcase fasteners were melted by a radiator behind a wall cover next to the suitcase stand, leaving us unable to close the suitcase properly.

But when I contacted Axa, which provides the travel insurance offered through my credit card, to make a claim, it said I was not covered.

The reason given was that we only spent one night in that hotel. But that seems very unfair as the overall length of our trip was eight days. Can you help?

A Brown, Derbyshire

Dear Mr Brown,
The small print of your insurance policy states that you are only covered when spending at least two nights away, which is why Axa initially told you that your claim could not be paid.

However, as the overall length of your holiday was eight days, the insurer has now agreed to cover the cost of replacing your suitcase, minus the policy excess.

You should receive the money within the next few days if you do not already have it.

The Fixer

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