Barack Obama's former holiday home for sale: £6.4 million

Sarah Coles
Obama's former holiday home for sale
Obama's former holiday home for sale

The Obama family traditionally spends Christmas in the state where he was born: Hawaii. Barack, Michelle, their daughters Sasha and Malia, and dogs Sunny and Bo, hop into Air Force One and jet off for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation in the sun.

His holiday home must be quite a place if it's going to recharge Barack Obama's batteries after the kind of Presidency he has had. And if you've got £6.4 million, it could be yours.

For the past six years, the family has stayed in a quiet suburb of Honolulu called Kailua. They have rented two properties in the area over the years, and the one they stayed in from 2011 to 2013 is now on the market with Sotheby's Real Estate.

The property

The Obamas know how to pick an impressive property. There are few details offered by the agent, but a wealth of photographs. These include plenty of the view of the sea - from balconies and through floor-to-ceiling windows. There are also several by the enormous pool, which features a separate jacuzzi, and a swim-up bar.

Inside, there's another bar and a brand new kitchen, plus a dining room, two lounges - one of which is double-height, and a media room. According to Luxury Estate, there are 13 bedrooms - including a children's room with space for six small children to have the ultimate sleepover.

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Critics Blast Obama's $4 Million Dollar Vacation
Critics Blast Obama's $4 Million Dollar Vacation

The master bedroom is described by the agent as 'an apartment to itself', and features an enormous open-plan space, with the sleeping area and a separate sitting area. There are an impressive 15 bathrooms, and a guest house on the grounds - which will be handy if you are travelling with your own secret service detail.

If you were to invest in the property, you could even continue to rent it out for Christmas to the Obamas - who have tended to rent private properties for their holidays rather than taking favours from friends in high places. Alternatively you could spend Christmas there and keep an eye out for Barack on the golf course.

The only thing to bear in mind is that you're not going to have Air Force One at your disposal, so in addition to the cost of the property you'll need to factor in around £6,000 for flights for a family of four. And sadly your dogs will have to stay at home.

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