Burned armpit hair spells the end of this Ford Bronco


A silly prank nearly ended in tragedy for one group of American teens, after a driver rolled his 4x4 when one of his passengers set fire to his armpit hair with a lighter.
Five youngsters were travelling in a Ford Bronco on Sunday evening in the US state of Idaho, when it suddenly left the road and barrel rolled into an adjacent field.

Two of the passengers, aged 15 and 16, were thrown from the vehicle in the crash, though none suffered serious injuries.

The Daily Mail reports local police as saying that the accident occurred as one 16-year-old occupant, sat in the front passenger seat, began messing around and set fire to the 18-year-old driver – Tristian Meyers' – armpit hair, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

A police investigation into the accident concluded that none of the passengers had been wearing seatbelts and that Meyers had been speeding in the period leading up to the crash.

He was later charged with inattentive driving, while his fire-happy passenger, who hasn't been named, was charged with interfering with a driver's safety.

Meyers had initially told officers that he had crashed after swerving to avoid an animal, though the truth about the cause of the accident later emerged.

County Sheriff spokesman, Patrick Orr, told the Idaho Statesman: "It wasn't until a short time later, after deputies talked to all the teens, when a different story emerged - that the teens in the front of the car were goofing around prior to the crash."
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