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Dear Fixer,
As executor of my mother's estate, I notified British Gas of her death and explained that, as her house was up for sale, we did not want the power cut off while we cleared it and arranged viewings.

I made it clear that we only needed a short-term contract, but I was quite shocked by the cost and so decided to switch to a cheaper deal for empty houses when my brother decided that he would move into the house once he has sold his own home.

Now, though, British Gas is saying I have to pay exit fees of £60 - £30 for gas and £30 for electricity. I don't feel this is fair in the circumstances, please can you help?

Switch to a cheaper energy tariff before the costly winter months

C Brabooke, Blackpool

Dear Mrs Brabrooke,

British Gas says that the tariff you took out in March was the Fix and Fall November 2013 tariff, which carries penalties, or exit fees, if you switch away before November this year.

The company says that there would have been no exit fees to pay had the property been sold and the accounts closed for this reason.

However, your decision to change supplier meant that exit fees applied.

The good news is that, following my intervention, British Gas has agreed to remove the exit fees as a goodwill gesture.

The Fixer

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