​Bizarre crash sees driver calm down after spotting dash cam

Dash cam video of road rage
YouTube / Express News

Dash cams have foiled a number of attempted 'crash for cash' scams, in which purposefully cause collisions to make fraudulent claims on the other driver's insurance.
The latest suspected scam to come to light is from one dimwitted Ford Fiesta driver who swerves to avoid a car that has stopped on the inside lane of a dual carriageway – who could be involved in the setup – and slams the brakes on, causing the lorry behind to bump into him.

This incident, which took place on the busy A53 dual carriageway in north Staffordshire, according to the Daily Mail, sees the Fiesta driver fling his door open before the lorry has even made contact with his car. He then gets out of his vehicle firing abuse at the HGV driver.

The Fiesta driver proceeds to drive off before stopping on the kerb in front of the lorry twice, before getting out and walking towards the cab. At this point he realises that his antics have all been caught on camera.

Watch the video below to see this driver's road rage in all its glory:

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