The house that rotates to get the best weather

House that rotates

Do you wish your home could benefit from natural light all day long?

A house in Tehran features motorised rooms that pivot 90 degrees at the touch of a button, to adapt to your mood or weather.

One in 10 get no natural sunlight at work

House that rotates

Occupants can choose whether they would like the rooms to face entirely in or out.

Architectural studio Next Office designed the Sharifi-ha House, which was completed in 2013.

House that rotates

There are three rotating box-shaped rooms, all of which dramatically change the house's narrow facade depending on their angle.

The three rotating rooms were created as a breakfast room on the first floor, a guest room on the second floor, and a home office on the third floor.

The building is designed round a central void that allows light to pass through the home's floors. This means light can still pass through the building even when the rooms are inward-facing.

House that rotates
The design for the home is a modern interpretation of old Iranian mansions that had both summer and winter living rooms.

The technique used by the Next Office for the turning mechanism is the same as the one used in theatre productions.

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