Naked skier in epic jump fail (video)

Naked skier in epic jump fail
Naked skier in epic jump fail

A naked skier was left red-faced - and red-cheeked - after a 30-metre jump didn't exactly end how he'd planned it to.

Sam Ruttiman, a Canadian Australian freeksier, was competing in the Toyota One Hit Wonder event in Thredbo, Australia, wearing just his helmet and skis when the incident occurred.

Most of the world's best competitive free skiers turn up at the event every year to show off their coolest tricks.

The annual event sees the winner take home a £4,000 cash prize, but there are smaller cash prizes available in the 'game show event' for those who show creativity while doing a 30-metre jump, reports the Mirror.

Unfortunately for Sam, going without clothes made him more aerodynamic than usual, and he travelled quicker, coming to a halt further along the landing area than usual.

The fail incurred a host of 'oohs' from the crowd while a fellow skier couldn't help letting out a little giggle.

According to, Australian Olympian Anna Segal, who came fourth in the slopestyle in Sochi, was one of the judges. She reportedly said she'd mark up any competitor who displayed nudity "but only if have they have a good body".

Thankfully, Sam didn't seriously damage himself (ok, maybe his ego a just a little bit), but he did receive some pretty nasty ice burn on his legs. Ouch.

Some underwear perhaps at least next time?

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