First class airline amenity kits: how the other half flies

Roshina Jowaheer

Ever wondered what really goes on in those upper class aircraft cabins? A look inside the airline amenity kits given to 'high flyers' will give you an idea of how they travel in luxury and style.

While you might be lucky to get a pair of in-flight socks or an eye mask on a long-haul economy flight, passengers in first and business class are treated to amazing little kits stuffed with goodies from some of the world's most luxurious brands, including Chopard, Bulgari and Loewe.

Travel search and comparison website has pulled back the curtain to give us a glimpse at how the other half fly, rating the top airline amenity kits.

The bags contain everything from shoe horns to pillow mist and many come in separate men and women's versions.

While perfume, nail files and combs can be found in some of the kits, fewer than 15 per cent of the 27 airline sets reviewed contained the most basic of personal items: deodorant.

Cheapflights told us that it was BA, Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qatar and United Airlines that had its team of travel experts dreaming of the high life with their "bling-tastic bags, upper crust combs, luxurious lip balms and sumptuous slippers".

Want to know why travel experts rated these airlines' kits? Take a look inside the silky, hand-stitched amenity bags of 27 top airlines around the world...

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