Drivers against further diesel costs

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The majority of drivers are firmly against plans to increase charges for those using diesel vehicles in towns and cities.
A survey conducted by car supermarket Motorpoint, found that an overwhelming 75.4 per cent of motorists object to plans to increase penalties for diesel drivers and are not prepared to pay more to use their car.

The survey comes as plans for futher Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs) are tabled, which would create districts within cities that would be prohibited to heavily polluting vehicles. Currently in place in London, and expected to be extended to the UK's other major cities by 2020, the zones would see an extra £10 charge levied against diesel drivers, over and above any existing charges, such as the London Congestion Charge.

The ULEZs come as the UK struggles to meet EU imposed air quality targets, and faces fines over the levels of pollution in certain areas.

However, diesel drivers are particularly aggrieved over the plans, as many have made the switch from petrol, seduced by the greater fuel economy offered and the tax incentives provided by Government in recent years, which have supported the increased uptake of diesel vehicles due to their lower CO2 emissions per kilometre travelled.

Motorpoint spokesman Mark Carpenter said: "The results clearly show the vast majority of motorists object to yet another tax being levied on them every time they get behind the wheel of their car.

"Everyone agrees that more needs to be done to reduce air pollution levels but hitting diesel car owners, many of whom have bought those vehicles for their economical and environmental benefits, is not the answer. More thought needs to go into solutions that don't involve slapping extra charges on easy targets like motorists."
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