​Dangerous Chinese car seats could prove fatal

Chinese car seats
YouTube / SurreyNews

Child car seats have one main purpose: to keep your children safe. However, imported Chinese car seats could fail to even do that, according to an investigation by Surrey County Council.
Trading Standards writes that these lethal car seats could lead to the death of children in a crash at speeds as slow as 30mph – significantly slower than the 40mph at which European crash tests are carried out.

The county council's trading standards team is warning parents to stay clear of these illegal child seats, which have been imported from China and fail to meet any UK safety standards.

Crash testing carried out by child seat manufacturer Britax has found that the seats tear apart in a 30mph collision, launching the three-year-old-sized dummy into the windscreen.

Following a complaint the county council has removed around a dozen seats from sale and is working with eBay and Amazon to remove more than 100 further seats. However, several foreign websites are still selling these illegal child seats to British buyers.

These Chinese child seats do not have any maker's label. Surrey County Council is advising parents to purchase new car seats, made by an established child car seat manufacturer.

Watch the video below to see the risks of using one of these illegal seats:

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