Six-foot-wide house goes up for sale

The six-foot-wide house in Redruth

A house just six feet wide is up for sale in Redruth, Cornwall, as soaring property prices leave buyers eager to snap up any place they can, however small.

The two-bedroom house was built onto the side of an existing property in 1917 as accommodation for servants - whose work presumably kept them slim enough to fit in. It measures just 6ft 1in wide at its narrowest point, making it possible to touch both walls at the same time. Despite this, the asking price is £119,950.

To be fair, in 1991 the property was extended a little across the back and the rooms themselves are a trifle less skinny. The living room and master bedroom are around 12 feet square and the kitchen is nine feet by eight. But the kitchen and second bedroom are a tight squeeze, at just over six feet across.

"It's quite a light and airy home, but cosy at the same time. It has lovely views of Carn Brea. The front aspect of the property is very deceptive and when you step in it leads to a widespread living area," Sally Johns of agent Miller Countrywide told the Daily Mail.

"It is rare for us to come across a property like this, or one designed in this way, because many of the homes we sell have been kept as one property or split in two equal-sized homes."

Shrinking living space

There's no doubt that the UK's properties are shrinking, as buyers' cash buys them ever less space. Earlier this week, for example, we reported on a miniature house for sale in Islington with just 188 square feet of living space, despite its £275,000 price tag.

In London in particular, the tiniest of flats are in huge demand with buyers and renters alike. One £780-per-month studio in Kentish Town measuring just eight feet by nine had more than 50 enquiries within days of going on the market.

The Redruth property is even narrower than a Haringey house that's due to go under the hammer on October 1 through auctioneer McHugh & Co. While it's been widely described as the country's narrowest house, it seems that everybody was wrong.

So does the Redruth cottage hold the record as the UK's narrowest home? Let us know in the comments section below if you live in something that's even smaller.

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