Has the Loch Ness Monster migrated to Lake Windermere?

Ruth Doherty

Loch Ness Monster in Lake Windermere?
Loch Ness Monster in Lake Windermere?

A photographer has captured what appears to be the Loch Ness Monster - 150 miles from home in the Lake District.

Appearently, Nessie is backing the No campaign, and has moved to England in protest at the idea of Scottish independence.

Ellie Williams, 24, from London, captured this shot while shooting pictures at Lake Windermere.

Ellie, from London, told the Mirror: "When I set up at Lake Windermere it was business as usual to take some lovely photos of the wildlife around the lake.

"When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone.

"I'm open to suggestions as to what the creature is."

Loch Ness Monster in Lake Windermere?
Loch Ness Monster in Lake Windermere?

There have been several sightings in the past of a 'creature' in Lake Windermere and it has been dubbed 'Bownessie'.

James Ebdon, who works for camera firm Autographer and received the frames, said the pictures had baffled his team and also provided some entertainment.

According to the Metro, he said: "At first, we thought it was a swan or goose as we were scanning through the time-lapse – on closer look we thought it could be a larger animal like a horse with a saddle pack or something.

"Then we wondered if it was an old giant eel or catfish as seen on TV documentaries. It's not at all clear what it is though, which is why it is so interesting."

But, according to the Daily Mail, he added: "Initially we were excited, then sceptical, and then we started laughing. Who knows what it is – maybe some kids messing about – whatever it is we will leave it to the experts."

What do YOU think the creature is? Leave a comment below.

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