​Canadian garage accused of drag racing police cars

Dodge Charger Pursuit

It's every seven-year-old's dream – nab the keys to a police-spec Dodge Charger and race against mates in an equally-matched cop car. However, it's not youths who have been slammed for racing two police cars, but staff at a Canadian body shop.
This tale came to light after a member of the public reported that they had seen two police cars drag racing on a busy urban road last Thursday, writes Auto Evolution. This person claims to have seen two Dodge Charger squad cars being driven at excessive speed.

Following accusations of street racing levelled against the garage, police in Roseville in the Canadian province of Ontario are taking their business elsewhere.

A report in the Star Tribune states that the body shop president had dropped off two members of staff at the local police department to collect the police vehicles which were due in for repairs. The president is claimed to have denied any wrongdoing and said that the business had been doing similar pick ups for four decades without any complaints.

The member of the public who reported this incident claimed to have spotted the cars racing along a four-lane road with a 40mph speed limit. However, the garage president has said that his employees didn't drive dangerously or speed, though he admits there was "quick acceleration from a stop sign."

Though there are conflicting accounts of whether a street race ever happened, the Roseville police department has cancelled its account with the garage. However, a spokesperson has confirmed that they may return in future.
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