$45 million fairytale castle on the market

Sarah Coles
New-build fairytale caste
New-build fairytale caste

Christopher Mark, a millionaire with unusual tastes, has put his fairytale castle in Connecticut on the market for just $45 million. The six-year-old building comes complete with enough fanciful turrets to make Disney jealous, and a moat. It also comes with a sad history.

The building was started in 2001 and completed in 2008. However, according to the Daily Mail, three years before it was completed, Mark split with his girlfriend, and she moved out - with the couple's child.

It seems that the fanciful fairytale castle didn't quite suit the Chicago steel tycoon's grandson - or his new wife. But for the right hopeless romantic it could be the ideal home.

What do you get?
It is built over an impressive 35,000 square feet in Woodstock in Connecticut. It's on the shore of a lake - which has been incorporated into a dramatic moat, presumably built to keep evil queens and wicked stepmothers at bey.

From the approach the Disney vibe is overwhelming. So much so that you expect to see a sign at the gatehouse telling you the typical queueing time. However, from the back of the property, the castle vibe has been sacrificed in favour of enormous windows.

It is listed on Estately as having eight bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a pool, massage rooms, and a dock. At one stage it was also home to a petting zoo.

The inside has been decorated to fit with the Medieval castle theme. The dining room comes complete with an enormous carved oak table, arched windows and crossed swords.The bedroom features a four poster bed, acres of brocade, and yet more crossed swords.

In pursuit of a more vague historic feel,there are also Egyptian touches, including an ornate coffin in one bedroom. The kitchen, meanwhile, comes with a mural of clouds on the ceiling.

The New York Post spoke to the estate agent selling the castle, who summed it up eloquently, saying: "It looks like a real castle from medieval times, like something you'd see at Walt Disney World or in Ireland."

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