Zombie survival game draws 2,000 people to small Spanish town

Ruth Doherty
Survival Zombie event draws 2,000 to Spain
Survival Zombie event draws 2,000 to Spain

Walking Dead fan? Then you'd love the 'Survival Zombie' game that took place in Spain this weekend.

More than 2,000 people have taken part in the event, which simulates a zombie apocalypse hitting a small Spanish town.

Players roamed the streets of Collado Villalba near Madrid trying to elude people dressed as zombies, who had been infected by a virus.

According to the BBC, the rules are simple: you're eliminated from the game if one of the "un-dead" characters touches you between 11pm and 07.30am local time.

As well as terrifying zombie characters, there are also actors in battle gear pretending to be a military response by the government.

Organiser Diego de la Concepcion says he devised the idea after becoming "bored" with existing forms of adventure games and wanted to "create real adventure". He is the president of World Real Games, and started off with a paintball range before roleplaying events.

According to thelocal.es, the event requires 150 staff to keep it running smoothly. Their job? To take care of "check-in, make up, zombie horde control, and zombie conversion".

Professional actors are also employed to make the groans and screams more realistic.

The next game is scheduled to take place in Valencia this month.

We think we'll stick to Monopoly...

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