Deer bring traffic to a standstill on Golden Gate Bridge

Deer traffic jam
YouTube / 247NewsVideos

Yesterday we wrote about jams on the Dartford Crossing bridge being caused by drivers queuing for the toll booths. Today's bridge holdup tale, however, is down to two intrepid deer that sauntered across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge last Friday.
Rather than take to the suspension bridge under cover of darkness, these ruminants cantered their way along the iconic California construction at the height of the Friday rush hour last week, causing traffic chaos.
A number of videos show the two deer springing their way over the 2,737m long art deco bridge as traffic sat at a standstill to one side with drivers following slowly behind them at a distance. By the time police arrived to chivvy the deer along they had already made their way out of the way.

Take a look at the video to see the huge queues that formed as the deer made their way across:

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