Last supermoon of the year to light up the sky on Tuesday

Ruth Doherty
Last supermoon of the year on Tuesday
Last supermoon of the year on Tuesday

The third and final supermoon of the year will shine bright on Tuesday (9 September) night.

So far this year there has already been a supermoon in July and one in August, and it's now time for the phenomenon to return.

The moon will appear in almost its brightest and biggest form of the year because its oval-shaped orbit brings it closest to Earth. It won't be as large as August's, but that will not be noticeable to the human eye.

According to City Am, Tuesday's supermoon will be around 14 per cent closer and 30 per cent bright than when it's at its furthest point from Earth.

And the best place to view it? Northern Scotland, because this is where the moon appears lowest on the horizon in the UK.

Last Chance to See A Supermoon in 2014
Last Chance to See A Supermoon in 2014

A supermoon is also known as a perigree moon, and this one is the nearest to the September equinox this year, also giving it the moniker of Harvest Moon.

According to "Although we associate the Harvest Moon with autumn, this year's version is actually the last full moon of the summer season. The 2014 Harvest Moon comes about as early in the calendar as possible. However, Harvest Moons can occur as late as 7 October."

Supermoons appear in a cycle every 14 lunar months and the next time you'll be able to see the moon this large again will be in January 2015, reports the IB Times.

The supermoon causes higher tides, but scientists have dismissed the theory that it causes natural disasters and strange behaviour.

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