​Driver pictured using an iPad on the motorway

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Drivers using mobile phones while behind the wheel have come under attack from police over recent months, following a number of accidents resulting from them being distracted.
The latest distracted driver to come to light is one who appears to be driving at speed on the motorway while resting an iPad on the steering wheel.Twenty-four-year-old Nichaila Flower can be seen holding an iPad while the speedometer of the car appears to be pointing to 70mph, reports the Daily Mail.

This incident came to light when Miss Flower's half sister, Liffe Pritchard, posted an image of Flower holding the tablet on Facebook with the caption "On the M4 and she's on her iPad". Despite the speedometer being clearly visible in the image, Miss Flower has subsequently claimed that the car was not moving when the photograph was taken.

Pritchard, 18, added that they had been stuck in traffic at the time: "The car wasn't moving. It was put on as a personal joke." The image has subsequently been taken down from Facebook. The driver claims that she had not been using the device but was simply passing it to one of the passengers.

She said: "The iPad wasn't in use, it was just being handed over. If I was on my phone and you could see I was using it, it would be a bit different."

In response to this image, Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: "It is clearly so stupidly dangerous to use a tablet while driving and is the sort of thing that, for us, would merit a serious charge for those stopped by the police.

"People think they can control a vehicle and interact with these devices, but in fact they are more distracted by them than they are by the things which people take more seriously, like drink and drugs."

Following many news stories of collisions caused by distracted drivers, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has been considering doubling the penalty for those caught driving while using a phone from three points to six points on their licence. Currently drivers caught on their phones receive a £100 fine.
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