Hungry bear gets stuck between rocks while fishing (video)

Ruth Doherty
Bear gets stuck between rocks in Alaska video
Bear gets stuck between rocks in Alaska video

A black bear found himself in sticky situation when he became wedged in a gap between rocks in Anan Creek, Alaska.

The bear had reportedly been attempting to climb to higher ground, but became stuck in between a rock and a hard place when he slipped.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the footage was shot by a German tourist on holiday with his family late last month.

The bear did not seem too concerned with his predicament and continued trying to catch fish through the hole.

The tourist said the bear did eventually find his way out.

Back in 2012, a group of tourists in Alaska had a lucky escape after a grizzly bear charged while they were observing it.

The group of 10 people were on a trip at the Katmai National Park, Alaska, when the bear "bluff charged" in an apparent attempt to scare them away from its fishing spot.

The bear got so close it actually sniffed the hood of one of the guests, who all remained still and silent on the advice of the guide.

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