London hotels among 'dirtiest in the world'

london hotels among dirtiest in the world

London is home to the world's second dirtiest hotel rooms, according to a new travel survey.

Hotels in London were beaten only by Rio de Janeiro in the list of dirtiest cities by

The holiday booking website surveyed six million travellers asking them to rate the cleanest cities out of ten. London achieved just 7.52 out 10, while Tokyo was named the city with the cleanest hotel with 8.93, the Daily Mail reports.

Warsaw, Seoul and Bratislava were also named for their cleanliness. In the UK, Sheffield ranked the highest with a score of 8.15, while Liverpool (8.12) and Bristol (8.10) came in second and third.

Ralf Priemer from told "Should the room occupant actually find lipstick on the pillow or dirty mirrors in the bathroom and only risk using the shower with their shoes on, then the first step is to speak with the hotel staff or the local representative of their tour operator. The traveller should remain polite but firm and request that the shortcomings be corrected immediately or that they be permitted to move to another room.

10 cities with dirtiest hotels

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (7.29)
2. London, UK (7.52)
3. Oslo, Norway (7.53)
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands (7.58)
5. Copenhagen, Denmark (7.60)
6. Paris, France (7.63)
7. Athens, Greece (7.68)
8. Sao Paulo, Brazil (7.69
9. Brussels, Belgium (7.71)
10. Kiev, Ukraine (7.71

10 cities with cleanest hotels

1. Tokyo, Japan (8.93)
2. Warsaw, Poland (8.76)
3. Seoul, South Korea (8.73)
4. Bratislava, Slovakia (8.54)
5. Sofia, Bulgaria (8.54)
6. Moscow, Russia (8.45)
7. Lisbon, Portugal (8.41)
8. Helsinki, Finland (8.40)
9. Bangkok, Thailand, (8.36)
10. Berne, Switzerland (8.35)

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London hotels among 'dirtiest in the world'

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