Brazen car jackers jailed for 10 years each

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Two bold car jackers operating in Birmingham who stole £105,000's worth of vehicles in a six-week crime spree have been jailed. The criminals pistol-whipped one Ford Focus owner to encourage him to hand over his keys and threatened to shoot others if they didn't cooperate.
Boustaan Adalat, 22 and Asri Hussain, 25 targeted motorists driving around Birmingham, stealing a number of vehicles worth up to £38,000 each. The criminals were finally caught after crashing a stolen Mercedes in March after a police chase.

The thieves have since been jailed for 10 years each by Birmingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to robbery, conspiracy to rob and possession of an imitation firearm. The court heard that the defendants had specifically targeted lone drivers in central Birmingham over February and March this year.

The thieves first struck on February 5 when they preyed on a female driver in a Ford Fiesta, who was driving in the Small Heath area of the city. Hussain is reported to have been carrying a small handgun which he used to terrorise driver Safiyya Bi.

Ms Bi told the Daily Mail: "'I was absolutely terrified. The men threatened me with a very real looking gun and I thought they were going to shoot me if I did not give them the car."

She continued: "I worked hard to buy my car. I work hard in life to support my family and if we want something nice we have to work and save for it. These two people just took my car at gunpoint."

The pair also carried out robberies in Sparkhill and Sparkbrook parts of the city before making off in the stolen vehicles. In total the duo carried out seven thefts. Both men have a long line of past convictions.

Talking to the Daily Mail after the hearing, Det Insp Ben West said: "These men targeted lone drivers and in the majority of cases women. They were motivated by money and greed and it would appear they stole the cars to strip and sell on for parts."
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