Worst belly flop ever? Coastguards release warning over 'belly-stoning'

Ruth Doherty
Man bellyflops from 65ft cliff in Devon, coastguard warn of bellystoning
Man bellyflops from 65ft cliff in Devon, coastguard warn of bellystoning

First there was tombstoning and now, apparently, there's a new craze called 'belly-stoning'.

Coastguards have issued a warning over the dangerous past time after a video has emerged of a man doing just that - basically belly-flopping - off a 65ft cliff in Plymouth, Devon.

His friends can be heard gasping and exclaiming "Oh my God" as he smacks the sea - and lands not too far away from rocks.

A second man looked ready to take the plunge but appeared to think twice after his friend's painful-looking effort.

According to the Metro, coastguards have issued a warning against embarking on the foolhardy stunt.

The jump took place just yards from where a teen was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound after tombstoning in 2010.

Ben Thompson, 17, broke his neck after jumping off an 8ft ledge and landing on rocks.

Devon and Cornwall Police have called the activities of tombstoning and belly-stoning "potentially lethal pursuits".

According to the Mirror, a spokesman said: "We, along with the coastguard, are trying to deter young people from this potentially lethal pursuit and we strongly advise against it.

"It may seem like fun but people are gambling with their lives against the power of the sea by jumping into unknown waters.

"It is unfortunately the case that if they carry on they are likely to end up with serious, life-changing injury or even death. This risk-taking behaviour is just not worth it."

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