Lotto bust: biggest win in latest draw just £1,300

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EuroMillions lottery winners
EuroMillions lottery winners

The top money won on last night's Lotto was just £1,229, after punters missed out on the jackpot and the second prize, Camelot said.

It means Saturday's draw will come with an £5.6 million top prize.

The winning Lotto numbers were 35, 22, 27, 23, 12, 34 and the bonus number was 25.

Set of balls three and draw machine Guinevere were used.

Nobody matched all six balls and no-one matched five balls and the bonus either, meaning the top prize - £1,229 - was won by the 120 people who matched five balls.

A total of 6,066 people won £128 through matching four balls, while 127,621 ticket holders won £25 with three correct balls.

In the Lotto Raffle 50 people won £20,000 each.

There were no winners in the £130,000 Lotto Hot Picks draw.

The winning Thunderball numbers were 35, 11, 31, 17, 25 and the Thunderball number was 05.

Nobody won the top prize of £500,000.

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