Fancy tasting 500 teas a day?

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tea tasting job with tetley
tea tasting job with tetley

Tetley has called on tea lovers to consider making a career out of their favourite brew and apply for a full-time job that will see them tasting up to 500 varieties a day.

The company has advertised two graduate trainee tea buyer positions - or "arguably the best job in the country, but one that not many people know exists".

The role promises international travel to tea estates and training to "develop your palate and hone your tasting ability".

Tetley said it had "somewhat unsurprisingly" received a high number of applications ahead of the cut-off date of September 7.

It said the successful applicants would be accountable for tasting up to 500 teas per day alongside buyers and developing good relationships with suppliers.

The job, which is the standard Monday-to-Friday commitment with a salary level "available on request", requires cultural and commercial awareness and curiosity, the company said.

A Tetley spokeswoman said: "Tasting and blending tea, like blending whisky or champagne, is a fine art, and it takes five years to train to be a Tetley tea taster.

"Applicants need to have a cultural and commercial awareness as well as strong planning, organisational and analytical skills.

"Above all, applicants must be passionate about the role, have a desire to travel the world and, of course, a love of tea.

"We'll provide the successful candidate with training to develop their palate and enhance their knowledge of production and the supply chain from tea gardens to factory floor.

"Tea buyers work in a fast-paced environment and applicants will need to be excellent communicators. Good numerical and verbal reasoning skills are a must to develop strong relationships
with suppliers."

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