Weird room rental advert for 'sexy' woman to share bed

Sarah Coles
rental agreement document with...
rental agreement document with...

A highly peculiar advert has appeared on a Dublin property rental website: the current occupant was offering half his double bed to rent. The advert called for "non-smoking, broad-minded, smart, sexy, confident, unconventional and adventurous dames." It then went on to specify that he wanted them to share "this double bedroom, their body and life experience for the duration of their stay".

The confident landlord was charging €290 per month, and concluded: "If this fabulous idea of mine appeals to you in the slightest, please don't be shy and don't hesitate to get in touch privately so we get to know more about each other before a potential meet and greet and/or a viewing of our place".

The advert was reported by the Irish Mirror, which said that the owner admitted he was a little eccentric and that his friends had told him he was a fool for posting the advert. It had been placed in a serious rental website called, but the newspaper could not verify whether it was intended to be taken seriously before the landlord decided to remove it.

5 bizarre adverts
However, as weird room adverts go, it's not the craziest, because over the years there have been some incredible examples. It's enough to make you wonder whether some people have turned advertising fake rooms for rent into a comic art form. Here are five of our favourites:

There was the Washington advert which advertised a room for rent over the summer while the owner was away at a cat convention. It listed the 16 cats that would be sharing the property - along with details of their personalities including descriptions such as 'stylish' idle' and 'a little off'.

There was an advert placed in 2007, which read: "Our roommate went skydiving today so just to hedge our bets to make rent next month we need a person on reserve." It went on to list some high specific requirements, such as being good at maths and being called Rob - it seems they were after an exact replacement.

In 2009 there was the advert for a latrine-style room. The advert explained: "Built at the peak of the dot com era we thought we would be able to use the bathroom for what it was... but with the economy being what it is, we must rent it out."

In London, in January, some wag advertised their 'cute little loft conversion' on Gumtree for anyone who is 'less than 5 foot 4 tall' and has 'no history of claustrophobia'. The accompanying picture made it clear this was little more than a ledge next to the hot water tank. However, at £40 a week, it would have had some people interested.

And last summer, a room was advertised as being available rent-free in Brighton to anyone who was willing to spend two hours a day dressed in a walrus costume, making walrus-like noises and eating fish thrown to them. The advert was posted by a man who claimed it had been inspired by a friendship he had with a walrus when he was living alone on an island in Alaska.

What's most bizarre about this tale is that it has been turned into a movie by Kevin Smith, who describes it in this video:

Kevin Smith Explains Why He Made a Movie About a Walrus
Kevin Smith Explains Why He Made a Movie About a Walrus

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