Medics pose biggest car crash risk

Aroori Somaiah
Igor Kralj/PIXSELL/Pixsell

Medical professionals are more likely to cause road accidents than those working in any other industry, new research by has uncovered.
Analysis of over 2million insurance claims revealed that Surgeons and GPs were the biggest risk behind the wheel, though there was a heavy concentration of at-fault claims amongst workers across the healthcare sector.

In fact, of the top 10 highest risk professions for vehicle insurers, nine were connected to healthcare, and included occupations as varied as district nurses, health visitors and hospital consultants, the Guardian reports.

The only other career to make it into the top 10 was that of probation officers, who spend a lot of time in their vehicles liasing with both police and criminals.

At the other end of the spectrum, one of the lowest risk employment categories were building society clerks, who were statistically 100 times less likely to be involved in a car accident that was their fault. Other low risk categories include typists, funfair employees and abattoir workers.

Kevin Pratt, spokesman for Moneysupermarket, suggested that stress and tiredness might be to blame: "One industry dominates the top 10 claims table – it seems those who have the responsibility of saving our lives and caring for our health are the most accident-prone drivers.

"There is no doubt that surgeons, GPs and health visitors are all stressful jobs, so lack of time or tiredness could mean that these drivers are more likely to make an at-fault claim."

The data was collated from a standard list of occupations used by all insurers to determine the jobs of their customers. Job titles can have a profound affect on the cost of cover, and so a number of money saving websites now offer a tool which can subtly alter your job title (without going so far as misrepresentation), resulting in a lower premium.
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