​Video: Volvo XC90 - one of the safest ever SUVs

Volvo XC90 crash test
YouTube / Mate Petrany

Volvo is famed for creating family-friendly machines that ace crash tests and the latest to smash into the crash test wall is the new XC90 off-roader. Based on its performance in this video, this large 4x4 looks set to take European crash tests in its stride when it's tested.
Despite slamming into the wall at 40mph in the frontal crash test the XC90's cabin looks unscathed. And in the side impact test, the most plush looking airbags you've ever seen cushion the crash test dummy from harm.

Most striking of all is the rollover test, though, where the 4x4 is flung from a platform moving at 30mph, flipping twice before landing on its wheels. It emerges mostly unharmed; we'd hazard a guess that the XC90 is a pretty safe place to be if the driver suddenly runs out of talent and the car goes flipping off the road.

For a car popular with families and capable of shuttling around seven passengers, this performance should be enough to get a number of well-heeled parents to sign on the dotted line.

With two world-first bits of safety kit, the XC90 should be adept at avoiding crashes in the first place too. Intersection autobraking slams on the anchors if it senses that you're going to pull out in front of a fast-approaching car at a junction, while run-off road protection hauls in the seatbelts if the car leaves the road, to hold occupants in place.

Watch for yourself in the video below:

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