Women diet more, but give up quicker

Caroline Cassidy
Young hungry woman in front of refrigerator craving chocolate pastries.
Young hungry woman in front of refrigerator craving chocolate pastries.

It may come as no surprise that women go on more diets than men, but it seems despite worrying about their weight, women are lacking when it comes to staying power.

According to a poll of nearly 3,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 55, women are far more prolific when it comes to diets, trying an average of 17 over the course of their lifetime, compared to just five for men.

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But that could be because the weight loss willpower dissolves more rapidly for slimming women, who give in to food temptation on average just 12 days into their latest healthy eating regime. Men, on the other hand, tend to stick with it for an average of six weeks.

Essex was revealed as the UK's hotspot for dieting women, suggesting the TOWIE mantra 'no carbs before Marbs' may have caught on, while it's the Newcastle chaps that are the most likely to embark on a weight loss plan. Brighton and London were next on the list for women, while the men of Cardiff and Glasgow were also found to be keen slimmers.

Sarah Bailey from UKMedix.com, which conducted the poll, told the Daily Mail: "The results showed that women tend to stick to their diets for an average of 12 days, whilst men tend to stick at them for much longer.
"It would seem that women are more likely to give in to their cravings. A lot of men treat fitness regimes as a chance to socialise, such as trips to the gym with friends. They encourage each other to stay motivated and turn it into a competition.

"Many women dream of the perfect body, so put themselves through strenuous dieting, only to realise they're happier eating and drinking what they want and not being too strict on themselves."

Amen to that.

Are you guilty of yo-yo dieting? What is it that causes you to give in to temptation? Leave your comments below...

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